Let’s make this ‘tabula’ a little less ‘rasa.’

I hope you will bear with me, o non-existent reader, as I chug my way through this first blog post. It’s a bit daunting to stare at a blank webpage and consider clicking ‘publish’ on this sucker, even if the chances of anyone reading this are nil, especially since it is my FIRST post. I’m considering this just another piece of rebar buried in the cement that will anchor my eventual ‘Media Platform.’

Why do I write? Because coming up with a story from scratch, and having it enter someone else’s head and stick with them—if just for a little while—seems pretty cool. I don’t really expect to ever earn a living writing. I’d call this whole thing a hobby, except that makes it sound more trivial than it feels to me.

I didn’t grow up wanting to be a writer; I wanted to be a comic book penciller. I created characters like Manticore (copyright 1985) and Flora and Fauna (copyright 1986), drew one picture of them, and then spent the rest of my time daydreaming their adventures. Over time, as I matured (yes, I’m using that term sarcastically) I realized I was spending more time imagining spin-off series and 12-part crossover mega-events than actually drawing my characters in said mega-events. (Side note: I was a big fan of the Uncanny X-Men in the 80s, so it was only natural that my make-believe comics empire would involve spin-offs and crossovers.)

Eventually, real life crept in, and I abandoned the pipe dreams of writing and illustrating. Here and there I flirted with the unattainable. I submitted pencil samples to Marvel and DC Comics. I took one intensely frustrating crack at a first novel. But for the most part I stuck to my career as a graphic designer, and I was happy. Then I started dating a girl who had written a 500-page fantasy manuscript.


That girl became my wife and my inspiration for attempting another novel. I’ve been writing in my free time ever since. We have two kids, and free time is exceedingly rare. But lately it seems like I’ve been writing more and more. There’s many exciting things happening in the industry, and I guess you can say that has me excited.

Here’s hoping I can get a few readers excited as well.

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