Notes on the Decatur Book Festival

Decatur Book Festival BookzillaOn Saturday my family checked out the Decatur Book Festival. We were there for just a couple of hours, and we met a few friendly authors—or at least walked past their booths. It was both inspiring and intimidating to see so many writers gathered in one place, all in promotional mode, and the place had a vibe like a Moroccan Bazaar—with Saharan temperatures to match the mood. Here are a few authors who were there:

Rosalind Bunn & Kathleen Howard – Children’s book
from Deeds Publishing

Penny McCabe Pennington
“It Burns a Lovely Light”

Vanessa Riley – Romance

Jo Cattell – YA Romance
Fallen Angel Series

Tamara Neal – Children’s Books & Self Help

Linda Joyce – Romance
“Bayou Born” – Fleur de Lis Series

Bryan E. Robinson –Mystery
“Limestone Gumption”



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