A random rant about sea stars

Marine biologists want us to start calling starfish ‘sea stars,’ because the term ‘starfish’ is too misleading. But they don’t have a problem with jellyfish (which are also not fish), sea cucumbers (which aren’t plants), or seahorses? If we’re going to get all literal-minded, those names are confusing as hell.

And what about jumbo shrimp?! Ba-dum-bump!

6 thoughts on “A random rant about sea stars

  1. This distressed me more than it should have. You make a good point, and I now have the overwhelming urge to look up pictures of *sea stars* to compare if this new name should be accepted…

    • Thanks for reading! I think the thing that annoys me is the arbitrary nature of it. Why rename starfish and not jellyfish? Although I’m totally behind the renaming of killer whales to orca whales. Why should Free Willy have to be branded a killer for doing what every other carnivore does?

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