Past Tension

James Derry

Past tenses seemed so much simpler in the past
I slapped ‘e-d’ on a verb, and did it fast

But then complications arised (or ‘AROSE’)
From certain verbs that I choosed (actually ‘CHOSE’)

Instead of meaned, I MEANT—instead of sleeped, I SLEPT,
Is it ‘PEEPED’ or ‘pept?’ It’s not ‘keeped’ but ‘KEPT.’

More inconsistencies CREPT in and made me shout
“All these inconsistencies have me feeling CREEPED out!”

The inconsistencies were inconsistent—or they weren’t
Some verbs go both ways, I LEARNED—and LEARNT

For these words, it’s all good–For me, not one bit

Driven insane by past tenses, I just LEAPED from a cliff
Wait, or have I LEAPT? Whatever, you get my drift…

past tension james derry

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