Review of “Idyll” by James Derry

Thanks so much for the review from Sunshine Somerville, author of the ‘Kota’ Series!

Sunshine Somerville

27204858It’s rare that a book gives me chills.  This one did.

I can’t think of another story quite like this.  It is reflective of “The Road” with the main part of the story showing us a pained journey through a  dangerous landscape.  I didn’t get the “Firefly” comparison at all because this has quite a different tone (if you’re expecting fun characters, shootouts, and Whedon wit, this is not that).  But, there are definitely great Sci-Fi elements (a terraformed planet, native creatures, etc) while much of the story feels like a Western too.  It also feels post-apocalyptic as these few survivors struggle to cross the abandoned world that’s been overtaken by the natural landscape.  The author wrote in unique language and terms that make Idyll feel otherworldly but familiar too.  All this blends together for some really great world-building.

The four main characters are believable, and I liked the use of siblings.  Walt is…

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