Now available! ‘Exile!’

The conclusion to the Idyll Trilogy is finally here! Now available on Amazon.

Here is the description for Exile:

The Starboards and the Bridges are back for the pulse-pounding conclusion to the Sci-Fi Western / Dystopian IDYLL trilogy!

Now our settler heroes find themselves living in self-imposed exile on a cold and otherworldly island fortress. Their new ‘Citadel’ is arrayed with technology that’s more fantastic—and deadly—than anything they’ve ever imagined.

But their new position brings powerful enemies, and also the implacable curiosity of the Parliament, the world-shaping entity that ultimately controls all of Idyll.

Can they learn to work together—even while fostering new romances and tending to old wounds? Who is the mysteriously familiar stranger haunting their new home? And how far can their bonds of love and family hold? Beyond the threshold of death itself?

To protect their friends and their planet, Miriam, Virginia, Walt, and Samuel must prepare for the ultimate showdown. And even war.


What else will you find in Exile?
• An honest-to-goodness pistol duel with plasma pistols.!
• A new, mysterious (alien?) life-form.
• And a debate about a virtual-reality afterlife! (I swear I wrote this before I saw Black Mirror’s ‘San Junipero.’)

Check it out… I hope you will like it!









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