Once-a-book word: Nascent

Now presenting a word that will amaze your readers and confound your literary rivals. I beg of thee, use it sparingly!

Nascent. Okay, perhaps this word isn’t quiet at the level of some previous ‘once-a-book’ words: Desultory, Turgid, Sartorial, or Sanguine. But it’s still a word that I love, and whenever I run across it in a book, I always pause for a moment and savor it. Seriously!

Nay-scent. It just sounds nice. Simple but elegant. ‘Nascent’ is an adjective that means ‘just taking form’ or ‘budding.’ It’s a word that is implicitly full of potential; ‘nascent’ brings to mind big cultural forces—technological, political. It means big things on horizon, and who can’t get revved up about that?

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